Our Objectives

Photo by Terri Meakins

Myall Coast Radio Objectives

  • To promote a high standard of efficiency and professional conduct among the members of the Association and the presenters engaged for the radio station.
  • To raise funds by various means such as sponsorships and all other recognised and legal forms of fundraising.
  • To operate the association as a not for profit community association and to undertake all measures necessary to provide a radio broadcasting service to encourage, enable and facilitate communication within the community by operating and developing community media activities serving Hawks Nest, Tea Gardens and surrounding area.
  • To enable and facilitate communication within the community by broadcasting programs dealing with local issues, events, culture and activities.
  • To promote the work of Australian musicians and performers and regularly play new material and music of upcoming Australian bands and performers or those not recorded or distributed by major record companies and provide broadcasting and recording facilities to encourage Australian music talent.
  • hTo exceed always the minimum Australian content provisions outlined in the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice.
  • fTo provide the opportunity for community groups, organisations and individuals to be involved in the production and presentation of original programs.
  • To become a “town crier” of cultural and community information by compiling community resource data and information with respect to local activities, events and developments affecting the community.
  • To promote and encourage innovative and experimental uses of radio.
  • To teach, train, instruct, prepare and assist members to produce material for transmission and to provide facilities for members to learn and practise the technical and aesthetic aspects of radio broadcasting and production.
  • vTo inform members and other interested individuals about the aims and operations of the Association, about community broadcasting, Australian and alternative music, and about the aims and activities of participating groups and individuals, through station programming and the establishment of a newsletter or programming guide.