A Brief History

Photo by Terri Meakins

A get-together of a few friends, a chance comment – “Wouldn’t it be great to have our own local radio station?”… and with those 10 words, Myall Coast Radio was born.

The dream has become a reality… The licence was granted on 30th October 2019. Myall Coast FM now has a Studio under construction in the Tea Gardens Industrial area and looks to be on track to start broadcasting 24/7 by Spring, 2020.

A dedicated committee of volunteers is ‘rockn’ round the clock’ to ensure Myall Coast FM 87.8 provides the community with a wide range of programming from local news, sport, to music, the arts and community happenings. 

So, turn your dial to 87.8 FM and stay tuned to Myall Coast FM.

The current Committee

Chris Lock, President

Rick Wraight, Vice President

Secretary, Lorraine Lock

Treasurer, Stephen Rees

Committee members:
Maggie Nadal,

Alison Howell,

Stephen Mount,

Margie Tierney,

Public Officer, Dick Scott